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Married Bakersfield, California-based dreampop duo Fawns of Love returns hot on the heels of early 2017’s debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow with a new double-A side 7-inch “Falling / Standing,” to be released in that most physical of forms on July 7th, 2017.

FLOOD called Joseph and Jenny Andreotti’s debut “perfectly woozy,” evoking “the soft gauze of Cocteau Twins and Slowdive.” MAGNET said it “drifts along dreamily,” and The Big Takeover noted the “obsessive joy in Fawns of Love’s take on shoegaze.”

As the debut Fawns of Love album was released, and students headed to the beach for spring break, their teachers headed to the recording studio. At least that’s what the Andreottis did.

“We recorded ‘Falling’ and ‘Standing’ in our apartment during our spring break from teaching,” Joseph explains. “We used a vintage reel-to-reel, Korg MS-20synthesizer, Korg SQ-1, and Electro-Harmonix analog guitar pedals alongside Logic. A Warren Ellis signature Eastwood Tenor Guitar was used as was a Fender Jaguar bass guitar.”

Taking notes, kids? These specifics will be on the quiz!

Quiz: How long have the Andreottis been making music?

Answer: Married for 13 years, and performing together for 16, the duo has variously recorded and toured throughout that time under the names Funeral Club and Peppermint Kisses, releasing records with RCRD LBLPlastiq Musiq, and several others along the way. In 2013, they began a break when Jenny enrolled in a history graduate program, but by 2017, it was time to begin being a band again, including choosing a new name.

Quiz: How did Fawns of Love choose the name Fawns of Love?

“One of our favorite records is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush,” Joseph says. “We wanted a name that would pay homage to that record.”

Diving back into creating, the Andreottis decided to do something new with their latest musical inspiration, bringing their love of not only Ms. Bush, but also My Bloody ValentineBlurPulpThe Jesus and Mary ChainThe Chills, along with the aforementioned Cocteau Twins and Slowdive to the new project.

And Sparks. In Jenny’s case, lots of Sparks.

“To prepare for this album, I listened to every era of Sparks every chance I got,” she says. “What did I learn? That there is only one Sparks, so I better find a voice that works for me. I must say I am pleased with the results.”

Indeed, Fawns of Love takes all of these legendary sounds, which some immediately think of as cold or aloof, and makes them pop with overtones of The SmithsNew Order, and the undeniable warmth that comes from the Andreotti’s many years of making music together.

Look out for the “Falling / Standing” 7-inch by Fawns of Love on July 7th. The duo’s debut album Who Cares About Tomorrow is out now.